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We’re a small independent bookstore located in White House, Tennessee, that sells primarily used books but has a sprinkling of new ones, along with sports cards and small gift items. Our book selection includes contemporary and classical fiction, thrillers, fantasy, romance, inspirational fiction, young adult, children’s literature, history, and more. Bring us your gently used books and earn in-store credit. Be sure to stop by and learn how our new loyalty club, The Comma Club, could save you money! Happy reading, everyone!


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Now with the help of, you can order books online while still supporting us, your local bookstore! Go to to place your order, and the books will be delivered directly to your door. There, you can check out a list of our favorite titles and browse a wide selection of new books from a variety of genres, whether you’re a fantasy fan or a self-help aficionado!

Remember to shop early if buying in-store or online, for stock is limited and postal delays may occur closer to the holidays.

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What We’re Doing to Help Combat COVID-19

Thursday - Saturday:
10AM - 5:00PM

To help fight the COVID-19 pandemic and to help you feel safe while shopping here, we at The Oxford Comma are still practicing safe measures: we are washing our hands regularly, wearing face masks and asking customers to do the same, regularly disinfecting countertops and door handles, and offering hand sanitizer by the register. Any trade-ins that are accepted are first quarantined for at least three days before being cleaned and placed on the shelves. Though the world is chaotic and stressful right now, we want our bookstore to offer a calm, relaxing shopping experience for you. 

We also provide curbside delivery if that better suits your needs. Just call us at (615)-285-7061, and we can help you stay safe while still enjoying a good book!

If you prefer the safety and convenience of ordering from home but still want to support us, your local bookstore, shop for new books at

Gift Certificates are now available! You can also find digital gift cards  on our online storefront at


Trade-In Books and Sports Cards

at The Oxford Comma Bookstore

Bring in your gently used books and earn in-store credit that can be used toward anything in the store, including new books and sports cards. (In-store credit usage may be excluded during special sales.)

The Oxford Comma

Our Gallery


At The Oxford Comma, we sell baseball, football, basketball, and hockey cards. If you need supplies for your collection, like boxes, sleeves, binders, and pages, we have those too. Our card selection appeals to all ages and budgets. If you’re interested in trading or selling from your own collection, we are looking for cards from all eras. We’re also interested in cards, collectibles, and memorabilia from Nashville’s teams of the past and present, such as the Sounds, Predators, Titans, Knights, South Stars, Vols, Xpress, etc. Stop by and see us today!

Customer reviews

I went in today for the first time! I am so excited that there is a place to buy sell and trade books locally. I was driving across town before. Not anymore! The ladies were friendly, store clean and open, prices were right. I hope everyone can support them!

Shelley Ray

I love second-hand bookstores as they give new life to good books, and give people the chance to be introduced to those books in a very pleasant atmosphere. The selection is excellent for a shop their size, the folks there are very helpful. I will be back.

Steve Baldyga

I went in for the second time today. I took in some books that I haven’t read in ages. I didn’t know if they could use them or not. I took them in and they said they could use all but one. I got an awesome store credit and bought 2 new books. The ladies that work there are very nice. This place is amazing!!! Support this local business!

Lyndsey Ashworth